Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pink shell pendant and earrings

As requested by a customer, these earrings and matching pendant were made to go with the pink shell dangle bracelet in the previous post. The pendant is a free form mosaic, organic in design made from copper wire, pink shell, dyed cherry red jade nuggets, and stone beads. The earrings are made with dainty copper chain, two kinds of pink shell beads and red jade. All balled head pins are hand made with torch to create that rosy pink hue.


  1. They look very pretty and the copper and the pretty pink compliment each other very beautifully.The color of the stone is actually gorgeous.

  2. Hello Terry, you're my favorite blog, and I want to give you a prize, goes to see me to withdraw! kisses Lulu

  3. Thank you Logos, I love copper too. It goes with so many colors. Shell beads have that beautiful Iridescence to them.