Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tree of Life

The beauty of these pendants are how organic and different every one turns out. They can be made in many types of metals and different stones, crystals or glass beads.


Seshat (Sashet, Sesheta), meaning 'female scribe', was seen as the goddess of writing, historical records, accounting and mathematics, measurement and architecture to the ancient Egyptians. She was depicted as a woman wearing a panther-skin dress (the garb of the funerary stm priests) and a headdress that was also her hieroglyph - Seshat determinative - which may represent either a stylized flower or seven pointed star on a standard that is beneath a set of down-turned horns. (The horns may have originally been a crescent, linking Seshat to the moon and hence to her spouse, the moon god of writing and knowledge, Thoth. I am very fascinated by Egyptian mythology and history. Seshat is said to be the female counterpart of Thoth from ancient Egypt. She was an important goddess, even from earlier times in the Pyramid texts. She was the first and foremost female scribe - accountant, historian and architect to both the pharaoh and the gods. She was the female goddess of positions belonging mostly to men. Yet she did not have a personal name, only a title - Seshat, the Female Scribe. More in for can be found here..

Torched Heart

This fierce heart was created for Valentine's Day. It has been hand torched to give it a beautiful pinkish hue. I made it with copper wire. Beautiful, sparkling purple and red beads adorn the piece. The chain adjusts between 16-20 inches. This piece recently sold in my Etsy store.

Masquerade Mask Necklace

This "one of a kind" piece is hand made from copper wire. It is sewn with crystals and interesting glass beads. The focal bead is a blue marble that is been netted and wire wrapped. A pretty copper plated chain complements the mask. It measures approximately 16-20 inches.