Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Have a healthy Happy New Year!!!

I terribly miss holding my tools in my hands and the feel of my wire bending and twisting. I can't wait to get to playing with some beads, copper and pliers. I caught the dreaded winter cold/flu and it has knocked me on my butt. It hit me on Christmas day and is still going strong. I've come to the conclusion, I might as well just wait until after the first to dive into any new projects. For now, I will rest, dream of new designs and try and have a fun New Years Eve. I wish everyone a  healthy Happy New Year!!

Blessings to All

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Crocheted sparkle

This necklace is crocheted with tan/rust colored cord decorated with faceted iridescent beads. It measures approximately 31 inches. A great addition to wear with jeans or a sweater. It can also be doubled and worn as a choker.

Celtic Green

I made this necklace with copper wire and green opaque peridot glass beads. The chain is loopy which gives it a Celtic feel. It is unsymmetrical in design with copper chain on one side and green beads on the other. It can also be clasped into the loop link and worn as Y- necklace.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Curvy moonstone

I have an addiction to copper wire. I love making shapes, chains, pendants and sculptures from it. I made this chain from copper wire and added large moonstone beads between the curvy links. This necklace is very simply and pretty but is also comfortable to wear. I plan to get heavier gauge wire for a more chunky looking chain in my future projects.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Crazy S earrings

These copper wire earrings are S shaped and match the crazy S bracelet below. They have Blue dyed jade discs, moonstones and blue faceted glass bead dangles. These are real attention grabbers!


Crazy S bracelet

This wild shaped bracelet is hand made from copper wire. It dangles blue dyed jade discs, moonstones and blue faceted glass beads. Very funky and fun to wear. ;)


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bending Time

"Bending Time" This contest was the perfect time for me to gather all my broken odds and ends and recycle them into a new piece. This mosaic pendant holds different memories from different people in my life. I had broken jewelry that I kept from my grandmother, mother and even my daughters grandma. I've always wanted to make something from that old broken Bulova watch.:) You can even see the tiny rubies embedded in the watch. All the copper findings are hand bent, twisted, wrapped and hammered. I've taken a brass filgree end cap and flattened and reshaped it into a rose bud accented with a red Swarovski crystal. I have added garnet chips to add color and richness. Little seed beads are swirled and weaved into the pendant for depth. This pendant hangs from a velvet rope cord to give it a royal look. So even though the pieces, parts and beads may be inexpensive, there is a lot of time and love in this pendant.


This design was inspired by bubbles. I made this necklace at the end of summer. I love how bubbles capture a rainbow of iridescent colors. I only used my round nosed pliers and a marker to form the groups of circles. The pink shells and Swarovski crystals fit perfectly inside the circles to splash my bubbles with color. The chain is made from crocheted copper wire with little pink glass beads. The clasp was hand made from copper. It's amazing how much you save when you make all of your own findings.