Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fun with hoops

Hoops are perfect for summer time. Especially with they have a splash of color added. I used Yati's design from her website. Check out her beautiful jewelry and designs at
The first hoops are made with black annealed steel wire and then wired wrapped with dark, "opal like," faceted glass, beads. A couple of jump rings were added for extra swing. :)

 As you can tell they are very large hoops.

 The next hoops are made with the same tutorial only I used copper wire with turquoise colored glass beads.


The last ones are the same design but shaped into a tear drop shape. I also changed the design a little and added a loop of beads in the center. These earrings are made with copper wire and crystals and glass beads.


  1. Terry are spectacular ....!!!

  2. Thank you so much, Lulu!!


  3. This is so pretty. How did you make it? I went to the site you mentioned but could not get the tutorial... Well you made beautiful earrings:) How's your sis? My prayers for her. God bless you. Dita.