Thursday, December 9, 2010

Black Amethyst

This necklace was hand made with two kinds of wire. The frame is made from a aluminum wire and than wrapped with black oxidized steel wire. It is wrapped with amethyst beads and dangling amethyst nuggets and hematite beads.  The pendant hangs from a black leather cord. The design was inspired by a talented jeweler. Her site is called, Riqzmie Creations handmade jewelry by Yati Salem.  If you visit her blog you will find many beautiful creations and tutorials. The tutorial that inspired my necklace design can be found

I believe this beauty may have found a new home. My sister was a sweetheart and brought some of my work to share with he co/workers this week.  I thank all those ladies for taking the time to view my work and visit my site.


  1. Absolutely elegant. VERY much my style, although from what I make, you'd never know it! This is why I buy a lot of other people's jewelry.

  2. Thank you!I've always loved bold jewelry, myself! :)