Thursday, July 1, 2010

Retro Rhinestone heart

This heart was inspired by the rhinestone jewelry my grandma used to wear. As a child, I used to love looking through her wooden jewelry box. It was loaded with bold, sparkling brooches and unique chokers. I made this piece from copper wire. I used a combination of coiling and weaving techniques, The center focal piece is an old button. It is surrounded with red, faceted, glass beads. I still haven't decided if I will make a choker or a brooch out of it.


  1. This is gorgeous!!! What a great piece you have done here!!! Love it Teresa!!!

  2. Your sweet comment means a lot to me, my friend!

    blessings and hugz

  3. Your work is exquisite. Terry, It's so nice to know you. You came to my blogsite yesterday and left me some good wishes for my Sciatica pain. Thank you so much. I am so itching to go back to my studio to do some wire winding. But I can only be upside down now:((.

    I'll check out Nancy's tutorial. I am so thankful to Eni Oken and Conie Fox. So many free tutorials they gave us. I'll try to follow you in tweeter. Great work. Keep it up.- Dita.

  4. TY Dita! Yes. Eni Oken's website is what got me to dive into wire jewelry. They are awesome artists.

    Tx for following me here and on Tweeter. I'm still learning the ropes for tweeter haha