Thursday, July 9, 2009


"Arianrhod": (Welsh) Goddess of the moon and stars, her silver represents karma, the Wheel of the Year and the web of fate. She is usually depicted as a pale skinned, fair haired Goddess Arianrhod is keeper of the circling Silver Wheel of Stars, a symbol of time. Call on Arianrhod to help you with past life memories and difficulties as well as for contacting the Star People. In the Avalonian Tradition Arianrhod corresponds with Fire Elementals and the 3rd (heart) chakra. Her symbols include:.A Silver Wheel, The Moon ,The Stars, The Corona Borealis, Seasonal Rites, Fertility, Reincarnation, Regeneration, The Cycle of Birth/Death/ReBirth, Weaving.
I made this moon goddess pendant from copper wire and Swavorski crystals. It has both iridescent lavender crystals and ice blue crystals. A sparkly moon hovers over a free form like moon goddess .

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